The outdoor decoration - Pool of a Nice customer in France

Pool of a Nice customer in France.


RESIMARMO®, specialist in outdoor decoration

As a company, a supplier of materials, specializing in indoor and outdoor decoration, a place of debate and a knowledge workshop, RESIMARMO® aims to be a network of skills that transcends geographical boundaries and cross disciplinary fields among other things while seeking to remain accessible to the greatest number. Consulting the site and subscribing to news information are completely free.

Its vocation is to offer quality information on marble and its possibilities of use, both French and international.

The company RESIMARMO® intends to offer to everyone, (fields of knowledge, aesthetics, architecture etc …) a wide distribution that uses all the resources of the internet. It aims to contribute to the circulation of knowledge and studies beyond their sphere of production in order to break down the disciplines. To achieve this goal, the site has set itself three principles :

  • To combine, within the same space and in equal parts, essays and criticisms, written by the best specialists.
  • To do so in a concern for pluridisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.
  • Both account for all components of knowledge about outdoor decoration mainly, but also interior decoration.

Consequently, it is also necessary to encourage dialogue between disciplines, to open up to the international scene by taking an interest in questions, debates and works which, on every continent, constitute the intellectual life of the decoration exterior and interior using marble as an exceptional stone.

To this end, RESIMARMO® relies on a worldwide network of correspondents. In addition, it translates into English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese much of the articles and reviews. In order to publicize reflection and research, through the sites “resimarmo.com“, a website to serve the United States, “resimarmo.eu” for the European countries, “resimarmo.fr” for the France, “resimarmo.uk” for the United Kingdom, “resimarmo.be” for Belgium, “resimarmo.lu” for Luxembourg, “resimarmo.it” for Italy, “resimarmo.de” for Germany, “resimarmo.at“, for Austria, “resimarmo.es” for Spain and “resimarmo.pt“, for Portugal.