The outdoor decoration - Pool of a Nice customer in France

Pool of a Nice customer in France.


RESIMARMO®, specialist in outdoor decoration

As a company, a supplier of materials, specializing in indoor and outdoor decoration, a place of debate and a knowledge workshop, RESIMARMO® aims to be a network of skills that transcends geographical boundaries and cross disciplinary fields among other things while seeking to remain accessible to the greatest number. Consulting the site and subscribing to news information are completely free.

Its vocation is to offer quality information on marble and its possibilities of use, both French and international.

The company RESIMARMO® intends to offer to everyone, (fields of knowledge, aesthetics, architecture etc …) a wide distribution that uses all the resources of the internet. It aims to contribute to the circulation of knowledge and studies beyond their sphere of production in order to break down the disciplines. To achieve this goal, the site has set itself three principles :

  • To combine, within the same space and in equal parts, essays and criticisms, written by the best specialists.
  • To do so in a concern for pluridisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity.
  • Both account for all components of knowledge about outdoor decoration mainly, but also interior decoration.

Consequently, it is also necessary to encourage dialogue between disciplines, to open up to the international scene by taking an interest in questions, debates and works which, on every continent, constitute the intellectual life of the decoration exterior and interior using marble as an exceptional stone.

To this end, RESIMARMO® relies on a worldwide network of correspondents. In addition, it translates into English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese much of the articles and reviews. In order to publicize reflection and research, through the sites “resimarmo.com“, a website to serve the United States, “resimarmo.eu” for the European countries, “resimarmo.fr” for the France, “resimarmo.uk” for the United Kingdom, “resimarmo.be” for Belgium, “resimarmo.lu” for Luxembourg, “resimarmo.it” for Italy, “resimarmo.de” for Germany, “resimarmo.at“, for Austria, “resimarmo.es” for Spain and “resimarmo.pt“, for Portugal.




Expositions / Fairs

Events / fairs


The exhibition fairs

The exhibition fairs.


10 Tips for Successful fairs

1 – We always try to pass on our passion, our knowledge to customers. Someone who knows how to sell is a passionate person. Moreover, it is courteous, attentive and gives its customers an exceptional service.

2 – We are pleased to inform and talk about the products we sell. We could bring back customers thanks to our kindness and availability. We want to make this maxim “Customer of a day, customer forever”!

3 – We all need to fill in an address book! The customer who just comes to have information or to speak with us, can be a customer of tomorrow. We do not neglect anyone on our stand!

4 – Before the fair you have to make preparations. Make a list, a silly thought to not forget anything while preparing our stand. A day is never expected as expected, always anticipate!

5 – It is important to have slept well, it avoids bad looks, stress, fatigue. Because it is necessary to remain organized and conscientious throughout the fair or the fair to not miss sales!

6 – Do not forget to obtain all official documents and have them on us on D-Day: insurance certificate, KBIS extract, certificates of our products / labels etc. It may take several weeks to get them. Never go at the last minute!

7 – Even if we start to have a good experience, we remain informed, we draw inspiration from the other salons and our colleagues. Therefore we discuss in particular with the “elders”, those who know and are used to make fairs and exhibitions from year to year.

8 – To be creative on its stand, to attract the eye while remaining professional – it is imperative to stand out from the competition. Also thanks to an attractive stand or an unusual animation, we remain in the heads of customers.

9 – There are days when everything works and others do not. When this happens we look for our mistake and try to find another strategy to better attract customers and therefore sell better!

10 – Good communication makes us known to all. Do not forget to prepare business cards, flyers or update our profile on social networks. They are increasingly present in today’s world.

Strong of all that, in 2017 we were on the international fair of NICE.

Date: Saturday, March 4 to Monday, March 13, 2017
Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm

The fairs – Nearly 500 exhibitors in all sectors that concern everyday life: home furnishing, kitchen, furniture, appliances, utensils, decoration, fashion, beauty, textiles, household products, artists. There were also many traditional food stalls and restaurants.

In order not to miss this international event, we have offered many free tickets:

FOIRE DE NICE – Palais des Expositions
Esplanade Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny – 06359 NICE cedex 4
Fax : 04 93 56 49 77 – E-mail : contact@nicexpo.org
Conception & Droits : NICEXPO

(FAIR OF NICE – Exhibition Center)
(Esplanade Marshal of de Lattre of Tassigny – 06359 NICE cedex 4)
(Fax: 04 93 56 49 77 – E-mail: contact@nicexpo.org)

(Design & Rights: NICEXPO)


Pratical information for 2017…

Date: Saturday, March 4 to Monday, March 13, 2017
Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm
Regular price: 5 €
Internet Rates: € 4
Reduced Person Rate: 4 € (On presentation of the DISABILITY CARD)
(FREE for the accompanying person in case of wheelchair access)
Student rate: 4 €

Wednesday, March 8, Family Day !
Unique price for all: 4 € and FREE for all women !

Free for children under 12 accompanied by their parents.

Access to the Palais des Expositions and Palais Acropolis – PROHIBITED TO DOGS


How to come to the Nice Fair ?


Plane: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
Motorway: Exit 55 (Nice-Est) and follow FOIRE DE NICE to the “Palais des Expositions”.
(GPS coordinates: 43.708181, 7.282626).

Train: Gare RIQUIER (arrival Nice Riquier).

Tramway: Palais des Expositions and Acropolis stop.
Come by Tramway we offer you the return ticket !
(Upon delivery to the Fair of your ticket “solo” used to go).

Bus: 4 – 6 – 16 – 17 – 89 – T37.



Logo of color


The applicators



250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO

250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO.

RESIMARMO® Coating and applicators

The applicators lay the RESIMARMO® coating, and make wonders of decorations. Always demonstrating inspiration and creativity, applicators are our “spearhead” in the diffusion of RESIMARMO®. We rely heavily on their know-how because they implement our coating, a real marble carpet. The applicators make a good living and feel good about the structure of the RESIMARMO® network.

These are all “bosses”! It is our desire to work with SMEs and sometimes even VSMEs, each must feel free in his own structure. We believe that everyone should feel happy to work for their own account. We will provide the construction sites, you will bring us your know-how. Regular activity but without overloading you will not be worried about your future. You can, if you wish, evolve into a Reseller status. But it is you who will have to be a plaintiff, never any pressure is put on our friends the Applicators.

Challenges are put in place regularly and make it possible to federate the ardor of all. Prices are at stake depending on the results obtained. The galvanization of each member achieves the objectives set quarterly. They also serve to strengthen the ties between each member of the team. The good coordination of the members makes the success not only of the objectives but also the improvement of the living conditions together. Each one blossoms fully in this calm and serene atmosphere.

If you too are interested in becoming a RESIMARMO® applicator you can contact us at:


The applicators - Phone number


Or by e-mail to the following addresses :




Quality Charter CommitmentURGENT APPEAL: we need applicators to cover different sectors available in United Kingdom. If you are interested, join us. Fill out the form below and become our exclusive partner in your area.


Form to Become a RESIMARMO Partner.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.




The applicators - Logo-RESIMARMO

Company headquarters

Company headquarters



The offices - Milan - The magic of Italy

Milan – The magic of Italy.

RESIMARMO®, luxury and simplicity

Originally specialized in stone wall coverings, RESIMARMO Italia, headquartered in Milan, has offices in Nice, Luxembourg, Brussels, Berne, Munich, Lisbon, London and Barcelona since 2007, the scope of its activities. This repositioning made it possible to expand the clientele. Originally exclusively Italian, today it is 80% European and 5% North American, says Dominique Domagala, marketing director of RESIMARMO France. […] For a few years, the platform has wanted to conquer another segment of customers. The one of distributors and resellers.

“They represent 30 to 40% of our sales, and we will try to increase this figure by putting more emphasis on establishments adapted to field work on a large scale because they have a strong sales force. ]”

To accompany these changes, the RESIMARMO® portal benefits from constant improvements.

“Until then, the sites were the same for all countries, only the language changed,” Dominique Domagala explains, “now the offers put forward will be tailored to each area and we have also improved the search engine. ]”

The offices of the parent company RESIMARMO® are located in Italy. It manages all countries of the European community, networks of distributors, applicators and communication events. It also assumes responsibility for the Group’s various subsidiaries. In each country, managers are appointed to more closely manage the different projects of the clients according to their needs.

For a better management of the business we ask our kind customer to communicate with us by e-mail. This allows for closer tracking of each project without fear of being forgotten. You can contact us via the contact forms of the sites or by e-mail at the following address:






Phone reception

The offices - Phone-number-00 33 980 816 844




Group bertolaso (Italy)


The offices - Group Bertolaso

Group Bertolaso.

bertolaso S.p.A


The offices - Locals group bertolaso

Locals group bertolaso.

Paragraph separators-(blue)



Decopierre Italia

(The offices are not opened to the public)

Viale Cassiodoro, 3

20145 MILANO (MI)

P.I / C.F: 05696120962

R.E.A: MI-1841120


Paragraph separators-(blue)



(The offices are not opened to the public)

Via dell’Artigianato, 15

23875 Osnago Lecco, Italia


The offices - Storage of marble aggregates

Storage of marble aggregates.

Paragraph separators-(blue)



(The offices are not opened to the public)

27, Rue Saint Philippe

“Palais de Madrid”

06000 NICE


The offices - Nice of day

Nice of day.

URGENT APPEAL: we need Distributors to cover different sectors available in United Kingdom. If you are interested, join us. Fill out the form below and become our exclusive partner in your area.


Form to Become a RESIMARMO Partner.
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The offices - Logo of colors






The distributors - Resellers in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea

Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea.


Today, it is easy to communicate on the Internet in writing thanks to instant messaging like MSN but also by telephone thanks to websites like Skype.

The RESIMARMO® network of distributors is a network that brings together numerous partners and applicators scattered throughout the regions of Italy, France and other countries of the European Community. To meet the aspirations of our customers, we created this network of distributors. We must respect our commitments and provide specific technical advice in order to offer targeted advice to the various projects. We must also define the needs of our clients before they are formulated. Moreover, our advice must be appropriate to the needs identified. Distributors have a virtual showroom that we have put online specifically for them on the Internet. It is much easier for everyone to see and talk than to try to meet each other physically.

Being present and communicating on the internet has become a must, even for small businesses. The first reflex of the vast majority of people is to search for information on the Internet instead of the traditional directory of Yellow Pages.

As proof, Solocal Group, the parent company of Yellow Pages, committed itself to a program called Digital 2015 in early 2013, the aim of which was to make it the European leader in local communication on the Internet by 2015, with 75% of its turnover generated by digital activities to the detriment of paper directories. It’s done in 2017.

We were also aware early on of the importance of being present on the Net. We were right to make this decision quickly, to date it is more than 70% of our activities that are impacted by the Web. We plan to further increase this form of communication and marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or applicator or only to find out which one is closest to you, you can contact us at:


The distributors - Phone number


Or by e-mail to the following addresses:



technical.service@resimarmo.com Quality Charter Commitment




Where are we

Where are we



Where are we - E commerce and big data are you ready

E commerce and big data are you ready.


Your e-commerce

Where are we ? After presenting ourselves, we have to tell you where we are in Italy and then in France, we sell our products through exhibitions, fairs and other regional or national events and exclusively on the Web. You still need to know a few things about us.

For example, we are native of Milan with regard to the company’s headquarters for the activities of :

  • The Administration,
  • Accountability,
  • Commercial management,
  • Telephony,
  • RESIMARMO® retailers, (Retailers and Applicators),

And we are on the outskirts of Milan, for our activities :

  • Techniques,
  • Transport,
  • Preparation of commands,
  • Receipt of goods,
  • Storage etc …

From the beginning, we decided that e-commerce, did not need stores or showcases.
We preferred to invest in quality products at a reasonable price, rather than having stores or it was difficult to know if you, our customers, were going to move to pick up the merchandise in our warehouses. It is that we sell a large distribution product similar to the food, in its electronic distribution. With us, the price is light, but the delivery is much heavier than 100 Kg.
Our products can not be seen until everything is done and finished, the quality and beauty of RESIMARMO® can only be realized at the end of the project.
The choice was not simple and the decision difficult to make. We often talk about this famous night of August 3, 2007, where we said we would not go home until this decision was made once and for all. It must be said that having stores requires significant investments and it was no longer a question of retreating without losing more than 60% of the money of our initial investment. Our sponsors and our families, for half of what we had, had confidence and we could not risk a penny of their euro without being completely sure of us. Hence the long night of discussion or we had to decide what was the best solution for us. In the end we all came back to our respective homes late, but the decision had been made. We were going to become an e-commerce ! It was a Friday night, but when we came back, we were on Saturday. I think everyone had a good weekend, to finally know what was going to take shape on our way.

The reseller and applicator network is a service in which we have great hopes. Some of our partners have sometimes betrayed the trust we placed in them. But in spite of everything, we continue to find more and more retailers who have agreed to sign new cooperation agreements that more precisely define the role of each in the RESIMARMO® project.


Extensive network of resellers and applicators

Growing in Italy, France

And throughout the European community !




Where are we - Logo of colors


Who are we

(Updated November 1,2017)



DECOPIERRE® Italia was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Mickael and Romualdo Bertolaso, seasoned professionals in stone mural decoration based on marble dust agglomerated with lime. They offered a wide range of patterns and colours to create wall coverings both indoors and outdoors. They created DECOPIERRE® wall coverings in Italy.


Who are we - First exposure

First exposure.

The demands of the market prompted the Bertolaso brothers to study innovative solutions and led them to develop new products, RESIMARMO® floor coverings. The aim was to meet a growing demand from their customers for decorative solutions adapted to horizontal surfaces (areas of rest, relaxation, swimming pools, solariums, terraces, car parks etc…) in the same materials or colours proposed in their DECOPIERRE® wall cladding.


Who are we - Another exhibition

Another exhibition.

They registered the brand name RESIMARMO® and offered their new products throughout Italy. RESIMARMO® Italia was created in 2009 on the initiative of Mickael Bertolaso, now alone in Italy, his brother Romualdo having joined France to prepare the setting up of the structures and staff of the future French subsidiary RESIMARMO® France.

Following a constant development logic, they created a network of partners bringing together the best Italian and French companies in the sector, offering them training and technical assistance in architectural decoration. The company guarantees an equivalent skills assessment for all its employees. By 2017, more than 250 applicators had taken part in the training course offered by RESIMARMO® Italia in all the Italian and French sectors.


Who are we - Practical training

Practical training.

These training courses were useful and even indispensable to train the teams of applicators in their techniques for laying RESIMARMO® product. Whether for the vertical walls (with marble dust) or the marble granulate flooring, they wanted to promote this beautiful and precious stone. The marble aggregates mixed with resin, of varying grain sizes and colours, proved to be an innovative product linked to the latest technologies. Quality resin gives a quality floor covering. The precise grammage of the resin in the mixture makes for an efficient coating. They mastered all these techniques and taught them to their collaborators and partners, distributors or applicators.


Who are we - Training room

Training room.

First, a “Skills Assessment”

The skills assessment is an opportunity to take stock of a candidate’s professional life and analyse his/her skills, aptitudes and motivations. It helps to define a coherent project or validate the training project.
The skills assessment is carried out at RESIMARMO® Italia‘s premises, which guarantees total confidentiality.
The maximum duration of a competency assessment is 24 hours and consists of 3 stages:
First, an individual interview to define the needs and present the conditions of the training course.
Then there is an investigation phase to analyse the candidate’s skills and interests.
Finally, a conclusion with the submission of a summary document, which sets out the project and defines the steps envisaged for its implementation.
The actions are carried out on an individual basis, except in exceptional cases, and the applicant is the sole recipient of the conclusions of the skills assessment. Following this assessment, the actual training can begin. The candidate joins a group in order to follow the courses given. Customers are thus assured of a quality service provided by a professional floor covering, trained in RESIMARMO® laying techniques.



Who are we - Logo of colors